Life's not a bed of roses, but there is help and hope.

Life’s Not a Bed of Roses: Hope, Encouragement and Inspiration

Like many of you, my life’s not a bed of roses. So far, I’ve lived through raising two children (one being deaf), debilitating depression, several job losses, hurricanes, family issues, and numerous health challenges with a husband who almost died several different times with heart…

Radio Romance Author interview Sophie Dawson Christian Romance Novelist
Baby STeps

Baby Steps, Bob. Baby Steps.

Do you ever feel behind life’s cue ball, always struggling to catch up? Perhaps you believe everyone but you is flying high and achieving all their goals and dreams. Sound familiar? Maybe you feel as if the train has left the station and you’re not…

radio author interview

Do You Believe in Miracles?

                        Miracles. Do you believe they happen? I’ve seen many miracles in my own life. How about yours? Think back over your life. What’s the first thing that comes to mind you can’t explain?…

author nicola cooper-abbs

Pauper or Princess? Sylvia’s Story

                            She didn’t care who saw. Sylvia was hungry and spotted a well-dressed woman toss half a sandwich in the garbage bin. Sucking in a deep breath, she exhaled several short puffs…

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