Let’s pretend for a moment.

Imagine no more men, women or children are gunned down enjoying a festival or school shopping inside Walmart. Imagine walking outside your house with no fear of violence in your own backyard.

Wouldn’t you love to send your kids off to school knowing they’ll safely and freely play—jumping rope or hitting baseballs, later bursting breathless into the house with cheeks red? You’ll listen with a smile to the mile-a-minute chatter about how they hit that first homer or did a handstand in gym.


Now imagine how the world might change if each of us took responsibility for our own actions. In the event that we hurt someone deeply, we say three little words and everything was made right.

Could this really be possible?

You’d feel free of stored up guilt, hurt feelings would soothe on the other side, and you both could move on. Imagine again that these three little words could change the course of your life, their life, and lives of hundreds or even thousands of other people.

Would you say just three little words?

I would.

The words are, “I am sorry.”

Without delay, practice those words when you say something you don’t mean.

First, say them when you cut someone off in traffic instead of the usual one finger gesture.

Second, when you yell at your kids or friend or spouse.

Third, and just as importantly, say it to yourself when you don’t live up to your own expectations.

Today, look someone straight in the eye or face yourself in the mirror and mouth the words, “I am sorry.”

Imagine how the world would change.

Do you say I’m sorry…quickly and often? I love hearing from you!

Penelope Silvers is a freelance writer and author. She lives simply and sanely on Florida’s beautiful nature coast.

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