Creative Habits for 2019 Infographic

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Creating new habits doesn’t have to be boring. To illustrate, I want to share Henneke’s blog and her beautiful drawings! Her creative infographic inspires us to reach our goals for 2019! Enjoy.

3 Creative Habits That'll Make You More Inspired and Prolific

3 Creative Habits That’ll Make You More Inspired and Prolific, courtesy of Henneke at Enchanting Marketing

Make sure to visit Henneke at her blog and leave a comment for her. Happy New Year everyone!




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2 thoughts on “Creative Habits for 2019 Infographic

  1. These are such encouraging quotes and great tips. I love the idea of cross-pollination because it really DOES work that way. Trying to be creative in one field is fine, but I think you have a better experience when you try new things and stretch. Thanks for sharing at #heartandsoullinkup

    1. You are so right! It’s fun to try out different things and get those creative juices flowing. Always great to see you again, Jennifer. :0) #heartandsoullinkup

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