“They call me ‘The Pocket Lady.’ I’m not sure who came up with that name, but it fits. You see, I am the featured attraction at the Children’s Museum. Yes, they come to see dinosaur bones, learn about the Milky Way and all the planets in the solar system, but at the end of the day, there is one final delight and that is me. I’m not bragging, mind you. See, I’m at the end of their journey through mazes, facts, films, and such. They spot the old lady with the white frizzled hair, rosy cheeks, and a kind smile.” A smile slowly spread across her flushed, wrinkled cheeks.

“But what really sets me apart from everyone else, is my bright, happy apron, with a background color of the bluest sky, dotted with rainbows, unicorns, sunshine and lollipops. There are bluebirds, too, and fuzzy white bunnies and puppies. All the children delight in looking at the pictures, but that’s not all. Oh, no. The apron is covered in pockets. Not just any pocket, mind you. Pockets full of sweets and treats. One at a time, these little angelsand sometimes devilswill line up to stick their hand in a pocket and pull out a surprise!” She stopped for a moment and stared off in the distance. “I never tire of seeing the joy on their faces when they pull out their little hands. They’re so happy they even give an old lady a hug.”

The smile disappeared replaced with a frown. She paused for a moment and stared at the floor. “Bugger, I’ll miss those faces. You see, I was fired today. One of the parents smelled liquor on my breath and complained. I thought the mints did the trick.”

Pocket lady swigged from a tiny silver flask she pulled from a pocket. Then she folded the happy apron neatly, and put it away—for good.

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