Death of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain

An Open Letter to Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain

  Photo Courtesy of Natural Pastels on Pixabay Last week, the world was jolted and saddened by the death of lovely and very wealthy Kate Spade, iconic purse designer—by her own hand. A woman who looked as though she should grace the cover of a Betty Crocker box. Charming, smiling, coiffed,…

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Control Your Thoughts to Control Your Life

3 Super Simple Ways to Control Thoughts for a Remarkable Life

A Single Thought has Power Did you know there’s power in a single thought? Many live their lives controlled by their thoughts. If they have good ones, it’s a great day. They feel great about themselves and are kind to others. However, if they have a negative thought, watch out…

Saving Truth Blog Tour

Book Blog Tour Review: Saving Truth by Author Abdu Murray

Post-Truth was Oxford Dictionary’s 2016 word of the year. Why? Because it captures the current mood and preoccupations all around the world. Plainly, the dictionary defines post-truth as a situation in which feelings trump facts, and Oxford suggests it may become a defining word of our time. A New Book On the…

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Trip to Arkansas and GPS vs Google vs Paper Map

Trip to Arkansas and GPS vs Google vs Paper Map

Trip to Arkansas—the Beginning Recently, my husband and I embarked on our first trip to Warm Springs, Arkansas for his father’s 88th birthday. Arkansas is home to two mountains, former saxaphone-playing President Bill Clinton, country singer Johnny Cash, and a host of other celebrities. Forty-seven hot springs flow from Hot…

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